About CyAN

CyAN stands for CYbersecurity and cybercrime Advisors Network. Based in Paris, France, we are an international not-for-profit association established in 2015.


CyAN aims to strengthen cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime through a multi-disciplinary approach based on mutual trust among its members and on complementarity of their profiles and experiences.

CyAN is a think tank, which aims to contribute to the definition, development, distribution and publication of concepts, doctrines and standards in line with its ambitions in favor of a safer world. It shall be a source of proposals towards national public authorities and international institutions on issues related to cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime (legislative and regulatory developments, partnership, establishment of best practices…).

Our purpose is also to support our members through exchanges of good practices, expertise, connections, cooperation and assistance in any circumstances.


CyAN believes that strengthening cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime are not goals in themselves but contribute to personal development and prosperity of our societies.

Our members share the view that multi-disciplinary collaboration, regardless of gender, age, personal and professional backgrounds, is a foundational element to increase safety and security in the digital age, and more generally for any progress in human society.

We are committed to build trusted relationship among ourselves and with other organisations cooperating with us.

We undertake to act with integrity and promote the values of the association.

Who can benefit from CyAN?

Whether you seek support to protect and develop your organisation (be it a company, a NGO, a public institution or even a government), or whether you want to contribute to increase cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime, CyAN has been set up to help you.

If you seek guidance to help you improve your cybersecurity, protect your organisation from cybercrime, or more generally develop your activities in relation with cybersecurity, contact us or contact our members directly.

If you want to contribute to a more secure online world, as expert or provider of technology and services, you can contact us to get in touch with more experts, or consider joining us.

Membership is open to individuals with proven expertise in line with the scope and the objectives of the association (as defined in the Articles of the Association), or who are deemed to have a potential for a strong contribution in the future.

Members do not need to be available full time as advisors. Our members are independent consultants but also employees, professors and teachers, entrepreneurs, retired from a full time activity, but they have in common that they are eager to share their expertise in the most useful and fulfilling manner for themselves and for the community.

Our managing team

Maelle LeLardicSecretary General
Jean-Christophe Le ToquinPresident
Peter CoroneosInternational Vice-President and Head of APAC Region
Jonathan BourguignonSecretary
Hein-Dries ZiekenheinerTreasurer
Yul BahatCommunication Director
Christian AghroumBoard member
Greg DzsinichBoard member
Cyril Pineau-ValencienneBoard member