Pierre Barre, member of CyAN, presented new security weakness in smart TVs at Hack in the Box in Dubai

Pierre Barre with Chaouki  Kasmi  and  Thomas  Sabono  from  DarkMatter, presented new security weakness in smart TVs  during  Hack  in  the  Box Dubai 2018

TVs can be found everywhere and their security is very problematic. They can be (ab)used by attackers in order to enter into  airgapped  networks and attack routers, IP phones and internal servers.

During a live demo, it has been demonstrated that it is possible to take over remote cameras  using  the  DVB-T  communication  channel  (without access to the LAN/Wifi). Also 0days vulnerabilities in  Smart  TVs  have been found.

One of the solution is to not connect TVs to networks (LAN or Wifi)  and desactivate everything so the smart TV will become a “dumb” display.

The presentation can be found here.