Greg Dzsinich’s keynote speech at the 7th Northeastern Security Symposium

Dr. Greg Dzsinich (CyAN Board Member) was invited by the NJCU Professional Security Studies Department to deliver a keynote speech on 12 March 2019 about the European aspects of cyber crimes at the at 7th Northeastern Security Symposium in Jersey City (NJ,USA) together with speakers arriving from McAfee and the FBI.

The event attendees included the academia and law enforcement as well, including 150 people: professors, PhDs and various representatives of practitioners from all around the USA.

Greg was also invited to deliver a lecture for university students of NJCU at the International Security course lead by Dr. Laszlo Molnar, PhD, Ambassador who also serves as a CyAN member.

The NJCU university is a USA national excellence center for security studies and it is officially certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Information Systems Security Office.