CyAN Appoints Peter Coroneos as new International Vice President

Internet policy pioneer, activist and author, Peter Coroneos, has been appointed international Vice President of the global network of cybersecurity professionals.

Mr Coroneos is recognised internationally as the driving force behind icode, the industry wide botnet mitigation program developed under his leadership of Australia’s Internet Industry Association. He was twice invited to the White House to advise the Obama Administration on the scheme, later adapted by major US broadband providers to protect their customers.

In announcing the appointment, CyAN President and former Director of Internet Safety for Microsoft EMEA, Jean-Christophe Le Toquin said: “In a world worryingly tempted by fragmentation, this is an incredible chance for CyAN to benefit from Peter’s experience, vision and leadership. His appointment as International VP of CyAN is a recognition of his hard and successful work to build a strong CyAN community in the Asia Pacific (APAC). More importantly, Peter will significantly enhance our global perspective and help shape the future of CyAN.

Mr Coroneos has served as CyAN’s Regional Head APAC since 2018. CyAN officially launched in Australia in February 2019 and has attracted skilled cyber professionals working in diverse areas.

He replaces Christian Aghroum, distinguished former head of the French police cybercrime unit.

Mr Coroneos said, “Regional tensions call for a greater understanding of our interdependencies as a common, connected humanity. I hope my new role will underline the importance of coordinated international action and information sharing. Promoting trust will remain a core, defining principle of our efforts. We will innovate in critical cyber skills, capacity building and behavioural change while supporting the business, professional and personal development of our members.