CyAN expands to capacity building programs at CYBERSEC 2019

Launched in 2015, CYBERSEC is a well-established annual public policy conference dedicated to strategic security aspects of the global technology revolution.

On 29th October 2019, CyAN, member of the CYBERSEC Programme Committee and represented by its President Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, will act as the moderator of the first “CYBERSEC for development” session.

This session will widely discuss the possibilities to support capability building through best practices sharing and know-how transfer between public as well as private actors. It will bring together government representatives, law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity experts and companies who will share and exchange practices and experiences related with digital transformation and cyber capacity building.

The objective of CYBERSEC for Development is to foster and support cybersecurity capability building efforts undertaken around the world by providing countries with a platform to exchange ideas, learn from mutual experiences, and discover emerging technical and regulatory tools and solutions developed by both the public and private sectors.

The official opening of the session will take place on the main stage of the CYBERSEC Forum in the presence of Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz – Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of Poland and her counterpart Minister Damjan Manchevski – Minister of Information Society and Administration of the Republic of North Macedonia.

CyAN promotes a simple approach, which is that capacity building projects should include a focus on developing local initiatives that can grow, scale, and become sustainable over time, beyond the duration of the projects. The hands-on experience from CyAN experts is that beneficiary countries deal with many projects, which are all well-intended and typically well-designed but tend to focus on delivering activities during a limited time (assessments, training, workshops, awareness campaigns, audits, you name them).

In the opinion of CyAN experts, this process does not yet sufficiently address the underlying demand from beneficiaries. It is imperative that projects help them to develop sustainable initiatives over time. This can be achieved by both a more bespoke delivery and better coordination between donor projects.

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