CyAN-Sky Thinking Session # 1 : Can encryption protect everyone but the bad guys ?

On Friday 2 October at 10 am Brussels time, CyAN launches a new interactive format to engage with the community on challenging issues: the CyAN-Sky Thinking Sessions.

Can encryption protect everyone but the bad guys?

Friday 2 October, 10 am CET/Brussels 6 pm Sydney

– A 60′ virtual and interactive session among peers –

How to participate

This online session is open to all members of CyAN, but also to other cyber professionals pending application are received at least 48 hours in advance by email sent to contact[at] The organisers reserve their right to approve or decline the applications.

The issue

Encryption is one of these technologies which were not integrated into the design of the internet, but which has gradually become integrated in our day-to-day solutions. For the general public, it started with the encryption of email in the 2000s and was expanded to the instant messaging services in the middle of the 2010s. And the move is that gradually all communication services implement encryption, making it more difficult for law enforcement to access content and arrest criminals. 

In its EU Strategy for a more effective fight against child abuse published on 24 July 2020, the European Commission states it will explore a balanced approach as encryption can be used to hide criminal activities. More specifically it say it “will explore and support balanced technical, operational and legal solutions” that “maintains the effectiveness of encryption in protecting privacy and security of communications, while providing an effective response to crime and terrorism.” Australia has already implemented a new legal regime on encryption in December 2018. What can be learned from the Australian’s legal regime? How Europe and those in support of encryption should be prepared on what is coming? 

Our panelists

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, President of CyAN and coordinator of Encryption Europe, Peter Coroneos, VP international of CyAN and CEO of ICON Cyber will engage with Ciaran Martin, Oxford University and former head of the UK National Cyber Security Center as well as Patrick Fair, Deakin University.

What is a CyAN-Sky Thinking Session ?

It names originates from the blue-sky thinking, which means thinking with an open mind.

In a 1 hour online session, the panellists coming from different parts of the world exchange views and learn from each other. They prepare their intervention to make the conversation as useful as possible to a multi-disciplinary audience of professionals, but they do so with humility by bringing more questions than answers. They speak openly to learn, not to preach. The worst-case scenario is that they get away from the session with fresh ideas and feel energised by the other panellists. The ideal scenario is that they get inspired by the participants from the broader community.