CyAN-Sky Thinking Session # 4 : “Into the light: online safety professionals and wellbeing innovation”

On Thursday 7 January at 9:30 am Brussels / 7:30 pm Sydney, CyAN will hold its fourth CyAN-Sky Thinking Session on people who deserve to be put on front: the online safety professionals.

Into the light: online safety professionals and wellbeing innovation?

Thursday 7 January 2021

9:30 am Brussels / 7:30 pm Sydney

– A 60′ virtual and interactive session among peers –

The issue

There are hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world, and yet they are invisible. They are the professionals who manage online violence, in all its forms: cybersecurity incident response teams and anti-abuse teams dealing with computer attacks, moderators and analysts of violent and criminal content, investigators in services specializing in the fight against violence against minors, teleoperators managing emergency calls, and the list is not exhaustive. Why are these professionals not well known? How do they handle the stress they face? What are protective measures taken to help them cope, through technology, psychological support, or else? What innovations can be expected?

The panelists

Margaux Liquard, Lead Safety Manager, Yubo, Toby Dagg, Head of Investigations at the Office of the eSafety Commissioner of Australia, Vice-President of INHOPE, Vincent Courson, Senior Strategist, Google Trust & Safety Partnerships, Fred Langford, Principal Online Technology at Ofcom, UK. The session will be moderated by Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, President of CyAN and President of INHOPE.

What is a CyAN-Sky Thinking Session ?

It names originates from the blue-sky thinking, which means thinking with an open mind.

In a 1 hour online session, the panellists coming from different parts of the world exchange views and learn from each other. They prepare their intervention to make the conversation as useful as possible to a multi-disciplinary audience of professionals, but they do so with humility by bringing more questions than answers. They speak openly to learn, not to preach. The worst-case scenario is that they get away from the session with fresh ideas and feel energised by the other panellists. The ideal scenario is that they get inspired by the participants from the broader community.

How to participate?

This online session is open to all members of CyAN, but also to other cyber professionals who apply at least 48 hours in advance by email sent to contact[at] The organisers reserve their right to approve or decline the applications.