Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola

– Status: Executive Chairman, Consultancy Support Services (CS2) Ltd., Cyber Security, Virtual Library, Information Communication Technology (ICT) & Science Technology and Innovation Policy Consultancy Firm.

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Abuja, Nigeria.

– My clients are: Private & public sectors as well as academia & civil society.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice and tactical implementation of:
ICT Consulting in the areas of:
– Cyber-Security; Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Teams, Cyber-Drills, Assessment, Cyber-Forensics Laboratories/ Capacities, Fusion Centre;
– Policy Development/ Master Plans/ Strategic Action Plans;
– Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy development;
– Specifications development, vendor assessment and compliance, supervision, Quality Assurance;
– Content creation/ Provisioning;
– Virtual Library implementation;
– IT Advocacy/ Events;
– Community Information Resource Centre;
– Community Radio (CR);
– ”Computer Ready/ SMART Buildings;”

Organisation Effectiveness (OE) such as:
– Capacity Building (Human, Material, Processes);
– Training;
– Online Testing;
– Change Management;
– Recruitment & Employee Sourcing;
– Partnership Development; PPP, NGO, Government, Private investment;
– Open Source Intelligence & Analysis;
– Business Advisory Services.

– How it helps: Most of the World, including my constituencies, are building an electronic future upon capabilities, processes & infrastructure that we have not yet understood how to protect, regulate or legislate. Protecting the next generation of digitally compliant citizen requires multifaceted capacity building encompassing modern tools, cybersecurity and innovation capacities in individuals and organisations while enhancing Organisation Effectiveness (OE), support, management.

– My background: I was a Senior Special Assistant Innovation & Technology to the National Security Adviser (NSA) to the President, Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am a founding & Steering Committee member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT)  with secretariat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Providing on-going global advocacy & capacity building for the establishment of sectorial & National CERT’s. I founded & was the CEO of Digital Information Systems Company (DISC) Limited, 1988-2000, a pioneer ICT firm in Nigeria. From 1985-1988, I worked with the National Geographic Society (NGS) in Washington DC.. I have served on several presidential, international & technical committees.