Adel Jomni

Researcher in cybersecurity

– Status: Lecturer-Researcher in cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime

– Member since: October 2015

– Languages: French, English, Arabic

– Geographic coverage: worldwide

– My clients are: I’m in charge of a university degree in cybercrime law. I take part, as scientific partner, in european projects about cybercrime research.

– What I do: I share research and training programs in the field of cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime

– How it helps: I believe that research and training in the field of cybersecurity requires the sharing of experiences and competences between universities, public and private organisms.

– My background: In addition to my position as lecturer-researcher at the Montpellier University France), I am a member of the European Cybercrime Training and Education Group (ECTEG), participate in the Council of Europe’s GLACY project as an expert, and a member-founder of the French Expert Centre against Cybercrime (CECyF). I participate in European projects including: Camino (FP7) – Comprehensive Approach to cyber roadMap coordINation and development covering 10 European countries; and Mandola (H2020) – Monitoring ANd Detecting OnLine hAte Speech, covering 5 European countries.

My research topics include: information systems, cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrime. I hold a Ph.D in Computer Science