Andrew Constantine

Private Advisor to CIOs

There’s a whole other world, other than firewalls, it’s time to wake up

– Status: Private advisor to CIOs specialising in preventing cyber security threats

– Member since: November 2018

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: Based in Sydney, Australia

– My clients Are: Ideal Organisations with up to and around 500 – 3,000 employees ideally, However i also work with ASX Multi Nationals Up to 20,000 Employees

– What I do:

– Attack Simulations

– Vertical Movement assessments

– User Attack Engagements

– Speaking and conferences + Workshops for engineers and executive security leaders – (CIOs, CTOs etc)

– How it helps: Adapting a different mindset as an attackers scope is so large organisations need to be aware and prepared. Anything can happen, it’s the real world. Be prepared.

– My background: I didnt go to university, i don’t have any formal qualifications. I do however have two written books and i know how to destroy an organisation for everything they have. I started as a network engineer early in my career then moved into penetration testing and ‘hacking’ – Now i work with technology and business leaders who aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone to build a bench mark level reputation, because that’s how you secure organisations not following what everyone else is doing – that’s a nil-all strategy. The best teacher is experience and practically doing and learning something, only if you love it.