Andrew Lewman

Cybersecurity adviser specialised in darknet and P2P technologies

I help my clients integrate cybersecurity in their strategy

– Status: President at Laxdaela Technology and Chief Revenue Officer at Farsight Security

– Member since: November 2016

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

– My clients are: CxOs and Executives at public and private companies, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies looking to understand, investigate, or mitigate risks from darknet technologies.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime. I educate and train customers relating to the what, how, and where of the darknet or peer-to-peer technologies. I investigate, explore, and expose the various darknet technologies.

– How it helps: Darknets and peer-to-peer technologies are often associated with the most negative areas of the Internet. However, they are just technologies, and understanding them can lead to a reduction in fear of the unknown and a better assessment of their risks. Acquiring situational awareness and confidence in investigations is the first step towards mitigating the risks. Incorporating this understanding into the larger corporate picture helps build a successful cybersecurity strategy.

– My background: I have more than 30 years of global technology experience in a variety of domains, including information security, systems administration, and data management. My interest lies in the intersection of technology and humans. I’ve been a top executive at many high-growth start-up companies, such as TechTarget, The Tor Project, and now Farsight Security. He’s an advisor with military and intelligence agencies in the US and its Allies, most recently with the NSA, DHS, and Thorn Foundation. I’m a speaker and frequent media contact for conferences, invited speeches, with extensive television, written, and Internet-media press experience. Publications with EMCDDA and Fordham University Press. My most recent publication is with the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction on Tor and Links with Cryptomarkets. I’m the Treasurer for Emerge helping to stop domestic violence through counseling abusers, President of the Norfolk Aggie Parent Network, and Chairman of
Each One Teach One providing economic opportunity for women and girls through technology.
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