Christian Aghroum

– Status: Founder and CEO at SoCoA Sarl, consulting in security, cybersecurity and crisis management

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

– My clients are: International or local companies, NGO.

– What I do: Strategic advices, training, audits, coaching, recruitment assistance on security, cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime, crisis management.

– How it helps: Undertaking means taking risks. In a global world, hyper-connected, interdependent, security is now a matter of specialists. A business oriented and synthetic approach is only possible together with a comprehensive security strategy. Global security is the ability to make reasoned proposals to policymakers, to effectively protect companies and its employees, its continuity and reputation. And this should be based on three pillars: security, cyber security and crisis management. 

– My background: CEO of SoCoA Sarl ( which I founded in 2015. In addition, I am researcher at the International University of Lausanne and a lecturer with the Institute of Management at the Robert Schumann University in Strasbourg, and at the University of Montpellier. I wrote and contributed to several books. From 1982 to 2010, I worked in the French police, as Detective Inspector and Detective Chief Superintendent, specialized in the fight against organized crime and terrorism. I led many units throughout France, which I either created or improved. In 2006, I became head of the French national cybercrime unit (OCLCTIC). From 2010 to 2015, I was Chief Security Officer within an international group based in Switzerland (SICPA, world leader in security inks), and an Administrator of the CDSE ( and chairman of its “Cyber-security” committee.