Christophe Caupenne

Expert in Negotiation and Crisis management

We support our clients with their security strategy and crisis management

– Status: CEO of Caupenne Conseil / CEO of PARCS (software development) / CEO of Tiresias (security safety software development)

– Member since : October 2017

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Large and medium companies of all sectors and public institutions in France, Europe and all over the word.

– What I do: Expert in Negotiation, Mediation, Security and Safety, Crisis management, Human issues
Complex negotiations : business negotiations, hostage-taking negotiations, economic blackmail and attempted extortion, damage to the image…
Conflicts management : social conflicts, internal leader team’s conflicts, uncivil behaviour management, management of person in crisis (suicidal situation)…
Performance and optimization of potential : stressing situation management, leadership reinforcement, influencing decisions, social engineering, prevention and management of psychosocial risks.
Judicial expertise : criminal proceeding, litigation process…
Security/Safety : on-site, procedures and IT systems audits, important person’s protection, counterfeiting, sites protection, crowd control…
Crisis management : monitoring process, organization and nomenclature of crisis units – crisis monitoring, dysfunctions of decision making, management of team under stress, leadership control, trust reinforcement…

– How it helps: we support our customers with personalized advices in Crisis Management, Communication and Complex Negotiations, tailored audits regarding security, safety organization and all the associated processes of Crisis Management, and trainings.

– My background: From 2000 :Working for the Special Operations tactical unit of the French National Police (RAID) as a Police Commander, “Crisis Handling/management and negotiation” group leader and National Coordinator of the negotiators of the French National Police. Participation in training courses for the negotiators of the French Criminal Investigation Brigade. Founder member and expert to the INWG (International Work Group of Negotiation – FBI/CN since 2000), in touch with all the Heads of negotiation units from the 50 most advanced countries in this field. Former expert to EUROPOL and to the ATLAS network (association consisting in the special police units of the 27 states of the European Union).