Corinne Thierache

Attorney at law

I provide strategic and legal advice on cybersecurity, privacy and the fight against cybercrime

– Status: Partner at ALERION Law firm in Paris

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, German and English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: large and medium companies of all sectors (industry, cosmetics and luxury sector, fashion industry, pharmaceutical industry, childcare industry, media, e-commerce sector and banks), operating in France, Europe, and internationally, as well as public bodies (local authorities).

– What I do: I provide strategic and legal advice on cybersecurity, privacy and fight against cybercrime. I represent clients before the courts or I negotiate with the competent authorities for an optimal result (pre-litigation and litigation settlements).

– How it helps:  I help my clients to protect their business and their rights (contract drafting, negotiation and litigation), and define legal strategies. I am used to complex multidisciplinary environments where the law and case law do not provide all the answers. This experience is critical to properly advise operational teams.

– My background: Since my registration to the Paris Bar in 1994, I became a specialist of industrial property law (trademarks, patents and designs). I have developed an advanced expertise in two additional domains: new technologies and pharmaceutical laws. From 2005 to 2015, I took a leading role in Cyberlex, a cross-disciplinary association with on focus on technology law, as Vice-President and Chairman. In this role, I contributed to make this association a leading IT law association in France, with numerous contributions to public debates, monthly workshops and annual events which gathered hundreds of participants to discuss the latest IT trends and their impact on IT law and our society.