Cormac Callanan

Strategic adviser on cybersecurity, privacy and cybercrime

I help my clients to understand cybersecurity challenges in their daily business practice

– Status: Owner/Manager Aconite Internet Solutions Limited

– Member since: July 2016

– Languages: English (Native), Irish (Intermediate), French (Intermediate), Slovene (Intermediate)

– Geographic coverage: International based in Dublin, Ireland.

– My clients are: International governmental organisations (European Commisison, Council of Europe, OSCE, etc) dealing with national cyber policy issues and capacity building. My clients also include large and SME companies of all sectors with concerns on all aspects of cyber-related issues.

– What I do: I am a qualified computer scientist and I have spent most of my life bridging the knowledge gap between technology and users. I support and encourage the benefits of technology while addressing the downside risks. I provide strategic advice on cybersecurity, privacy and cybercrime. I implement public-private-partnerships supporting law enforcement, internet industry and civil society working on shared cyber challenges.

– How it helps: I help my clients to understand cybersecurity challenges in their daily business practice and the impact of adverse incidents on the reputation of their organisation. I understand a wide range of technology issues and I combine knowledge on technology risks with policies designed to protect organisations from attack.

– My background: Qualified in computer science I have over 25 years working experience on international computer networks and 15 years’ experience in the policy area of illegal content and cybercrime activities on the Internet. I was co-author of the Council of Europe Guidelines on Cooperation between Law Enforcement and Internet Service Providers quoted by the European Court of Human Rights as achieving the appropriate balance between sharing data and data protection. I am a member of the Irish Internet Safety Advisory Committee reporting to the Irish Department of Justice. I have provided training at Interpol and Europol and to law enforcement agencies around the world on the subject of emerging and developing technologies, cybercrime and the role of internet industry. I was part of the COURAGE project developing a research agenda in cybersecurity and cyberterrorism in Europe. I am past-president and CEO of INHOPE – the International Association of Internet Hotlines ( dealing with illegal internet content.