Cyril Pineau-Valencienne

Board member CyAN

I help my clients to integrate innovation financing in their strategy

– Status: President of CPV CONSEIL sas Management consulting in corporate finance

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Russian

– Geographic coverage: International with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Based near Nantes (France)

– My clients are: Start-up entrepreneurs reaching the stage of capital raising from qualified investors or companies searching for strategic partners

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on approaching the capital raising problems and in devising the appropriate strategy

– How it helps: I help my clients in reviewing their priorities and being introduced to the proper qualified potential investors in order to achieve their own objectives

– My background: I held financial executive positions in the industry (Pechiney/ Rio Tinto) and in the banking sector (Credit Agricole) as well as in the French Energy Efficiency Office. I had two assignments out of France : London (foundation of a Mergers&Acquisitions boutique) and Moscow (as Chief Representative); I also taught economics and finance in France and in Russia after having been trained in France and In the United States