David Bizeul

Threat intelligence specialist

I help people to cope with online treats

Status: Founder and CEO at inThreat, company specialized in threat intelligence

Member since : october 2015

Languages: French, English

Geographic coverage: International. Based in Rennes, France.

My clients are: Large companies with a location in France.

What I do: Cybersecurity strategy, Threat Intelligence consulting, CERT/DFIR/investigation assistance, incident management. I founded inThreat in 2015 to integrate threat intelligence in standard business practice in France.

How it helps: Cybersecurity is a major issue for many companies. However, the landscape (vendors, threats…) is complex. I help my clients with a simple idea : use deep technical expertise to reach their business goal. The more pragmatic, the better.

My background:
Previously, I created a banking CERT and managed two major CERTs/CSIRTs.
I am used to manage experts and brief management on threats and how to protect business from them.
I know how to manage large incidents and crisis, when you cannot take bad decisions.
I gave numerous training & presentations and wrote several publication in the security field.
I started as a security engineer working with many technologies for many customers.