Garance Mathias

Attorney at Law

I help companies understand the right legal framework to achieve their business objective

– Status: Attorney at Law ; Owner and managing director of MATHIAS AVOCATS based in Paris, France

– Member since: April 2016

– Languages: French and English.

– Geographic coverage: Serving companies and law firms, in France or across the world, who focus on European markets.

– My clients are: From start-ups to global groups of all sectors (industry, pharmaceutical industry, media, e-commerce sector, energy, health care and banks) as well as public bodies, active in new industries of new technology.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice on legal aspects of new businesses and projects; draft and negotiate contracts; address legal needs respect to cybersecurity, privacy, IT and HR matters; represent clients before the courts or I negotiate amicable settlement (pre-litigation and litigation settlements) including with national and European authorities. I provide also regular training programs and implement awareness-raising campaigns suited to each of my clients’ businesses (label issued by the French national data protection authority).

– How it helps: I help companies understand the right legal framework to achieve their business objective with a results oriented approach and I also support them to protect their rights (contract drafting, negotiation and litigation). I can work collaboratively with other law firm of my network if needed.

– My background: Passionate about information technology and communication, I have over 20 years professional expertise. I have developed an advanced expertise in several domains: new technologies, cybesercurity and data protection laws. I was based in Brussels and Chicago and worked for the European Commission as a lawyer before creating my own firm in Paris. I participate in various working group, journals, scientific conferences and teach in various areas, in particular at the University of Paris I (Sorbonne).