Georges Smine

Start-up advisor in cybersecurity

I assist enterprises in adapting and prioritizing their digital strategy

– Status: Product & marketing executive and start-up advisor in cybersecurity, privacy, big data, and digital marketing technology.

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: English, French, Arabic.

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in San Francisco, California.

– My clients are: Large and mid-size enterprises’ needing strategic and operational guidance in implementing effective cybersecurity measures while harnessing the benefits of modern technology in big data, analytics, and digital marketing.

– What I do: I provide strategic advice and execution oversight of initiatives in cybersecurity, data privacy, big data and digital marketing technology.

– How it helps: Every enterprise benefits from modern software and digital connectedness that make it more efficient, faster, and responsive to the customers and markets it serves. Competitiveness is achieved with the know-how of implementing and operating the latest technologies. However, new technologies come with sharp edges exposing vulnerabilities in security and privacy protection. I assist enterprises in adapting and prioritizing their digital strategy to the needs of their business, and help them with functional and operational deployments.

– My background: I am currently a product and marketing advisor to few Silicon Valley technology start-ups. I recently was VP/General Manager of Mailbox Provider Products at Return Path (2011-2015). In that capacity, I managed the data acquisitions business that fed the analytics for all of company’s products. In a business model in which products are offered in exchange for data, I led our development, marketing, and deployment of security and inbox productivity solutions with partners. Previously, I held leadership roles in product management and marketing at Nominum where we launched advanced DNS solutions for IP telephony, security, and the enterprise cloud. I also held senior positions at Tellme Networks, Ecrio, and Netscape, pioneering over-the-top messaging for smartphones at Ecrio, and achieving many industry firsts at Netscape that were precursors to today’s Internet. I had started my career in engineering with 4 years at Oracle and another year at Tenfold, building ERP software.