Goran Oparnica

Status: CEO at INsig2, education and consulting in cybersecurity, cybercrime and digital forensic investigations

– Member since: June 2017

– Language: Croatian, English

– Geographical coverage: International, based in Croatia

– My clients are: law enforcement agencies, police academies, judicial academies, CERTs, large companies

– What I do: I provide consultancy and training on a wide range of subjects related to cybercrime and digital forensic investigations.

– How it helps: with lot of experience in cybersecurity, cybercrime and digital forensics, I can help my clients build organizational and technical prerequisites in dealing with high tech crime.

My background: From the start of my carrier, I have been interested in issues related to information security, both from consulting and technology perspectives. In recent years, I have widened my area of interest to physical security, but also to the organizational and the technological perspective of integration between logical and physical security.

Since 2004, I have been managing director at INsig2, leading European company in the field of digital forensics. Also, I have been very active in conferences and seminars all over the world teaching both legal and technological perspective of digital forensics.

I hold a CPP certificate by ASIS international since 2008 and CISM certificate by ISACA since 2010.