Gunter Dufey

Consultant on risk management with focus on cybersecurity

I help my clients integrate cybersecurity in their corporate governance and risk management strategy

– Status: Managing partner at PIBA SA, management consulting on risk management, strategy and corporate governance, with focus on cybersecurity.

– Member since: February 2017

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Singapore.

– My clients are: Senior executives and board members in large and medium companies of all sectors (industry and banks), operating in Asia and internationally, as well as governmental institutions.

— What I do: Providing strategic advice on risk management incl. cybersecurity. Assist in developing appropriate board policies.

– How it helps: I help my clients to integrate cybersecurity in their business strategy, whether they need cybersecurity or they provide cybersecurity products and services.

– My background: I am Professor Emeritus of The University of Michigan Ross School in Ann Arbor, MI USA and Consultant on the faculty of Banking and Finance, Nanyang Business School, Singapore. Parts of my academic career were spent at Stanford (USA), University of Texas, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Austria), St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Universität des Saarlandes (Germany) where I am still Honorary Professor. My research interests focus on risk management, international financial markets and corporate governance in the context of cybersecurity. Parallel to my academic career, I worked for extended periods with a number of multinational companies and government agencies, such as Dow Chemical, the US Department of Treasury, Texas Instruments, the Ministry of Finance ‐ FAIR in Tokyo and the Pacific Rim Bankers Program, Seattle, USA. I continue to serve on the Boards of Guinness/Atkinson, USA and until recently on several subsidiaries of Ally Financial (GMAC), Detroit and Toronto. I serve also on the board of several Foundations and Non-Profit organisations such as Juetting Foundation, Stendal Germany, Education Exchange Ltd, Singapore and on the Advisory council of WHU Vallendar, Germany.