Hein Dries-Ziekenheiner

Treasurer CyAN / management consultant in cybersecurity

I help my clients build capacity and select the right solutions

– Status: CEO at VIGILO consult, management consulting on cybersecurity, cybercrime & forensic IT.

– Member since : May 2016

– Languages: English, Dutch, French, German

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Leiden, The Netherlands.

– My clients are: Government agencies, telecommunications regulators (Canada, Dutch Carribean) consumer agencies, other regulatory bodies, CERT teams, CxOs and board members of IT and cybersecurity companies, international organisations (European Commission, Council of Europe, US State Department).

– What I do: I provide strategic advice, and capacity building on cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime and privacy.

– How it helps: I help my clients build capacity, select the right solutions and I help them learn lessons from each other. In the cybersecurity area I advise clients on the required skillset, team capabilities and technical (IT) architecture. My expertise is mainly in combining legal and technical expertise into solutions and policies that are immediately implementable, add value and have a clear value to the organisation. I leverage new skills, understand the broader environment, and deliver with integrity and sustainability in mind.

– My background: I am trained a lawyer but more of a technician by trade. My background is diverse. I was a researcher at Leiden University’s eLaw department before joining the Netherlands ISP association (NLIP) in 2000 – an environment where I acquired a taste for both public policy and technology. As delegate Board member at the European ISP association, EuroISPA, I also learned public policy at the European level. In 2004, I joined the Netherlands Independent Post and Telecommunications Administration (OPTA, now ACM) working on both interconnection disputes, electronic signatures and internet safety issues. Here I learned forensics, networking and investigative skills. After heading up several investigations and a few record breaking fines, I founded VIGILO and helped many other countries achieve similar successes, led projects and acquired a vast experience in both legal and technical matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity. With 15 years of experience in this area I often teach various audiences and currently find myself working for a diverse set of international clients in industry and government.