Jeff Middleton

Strategic adviser in critical IT infrastructure

Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue, it is a critical business issue that requires a focus on integrating security into all aspects of your people and business processes

– Status: President and CEO of LANTIUM, a comprehensive cybersecurity services firm focused on the intersection of people, processes and technology.

– Member since: April 2017

– Languages: Mandarin and English

– Geographic coverage: Serving organizations around the world. Based in both the United States of America and Singapore

– My clients are: We create custom information resiliency engineering solutions to help large and medium organizations in all industries meet the demands of today’s data-driven business. Specifically, we are focused on the Southeast Asian market and their internet service providers, financial institutions, media groups, private and government sector.

– What I do: As cyber threats evolve in sophistication, so must the defenses of companies starting with its people. I provide the strategic consulting, training and education necessary to safeguard an organization’s critical IT infrastructure, as well as manage, recommend and maintain a full range of technology services to optimize operations.

– How it helps: Today’s data-driven organizations face high security risks. A balanced cybersecurity perspective is essential to ensure long-term resiliency, protection of vital data, as well as find ways to avoid unnecessary downtime, and ensure compliance. I help to evaluate an organization’s cyber presence and reduce its risk of a security breach, lawsuits, and downtime.

– My background: I am an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Since inception (1999) I have served as LANTIUM’s President and CEO focused on Cybersecurity and delivering custom IT solutions to difficult business problems.  LANTIUM began as a managed IT and consulting services firm, but we expanded our services to offer expertise in cybersecurity policy, mitigation, consultation and corporate training around the globe.  We are different because we work with specialists with real-world expertise serving in the NSA, U.S. Cyber Command, DoD, Special Operations, defense and private industries to help our clients protect their systems and to streamline their technology.  I am a graduate of Villanova University and hold multiple technical certifications.