Jonathan Bourguignon

– Status: Legal consultant (cybersecurity, cybercrime, international police/judicial cooperation). Researcher/PhD candidate in international criminal law (University Paris-II Panthéon-Assas)

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Spanish

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Mainly European institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe)

– What I do: I provide legal advice on cybersecurity, fight against cybercrime and all aspects of international criminal law.

– How it helps: Most of the legal expertise offered in cybersecurity and cybercrime stems from criminal law or IT law approaches, while international law aspects are often overlooked. Yet, the complex structure of online criminal activities requires the combination of skills in these different fields. I provide an innovative expertise taking into account core issues of cyberactivities, from sovereignty to privacy, with a practical knowledge of difficulties faced by the law enforcement and an awareness of the cyber threats to individual freedoms.

– My background: After graduating in international law (University Paris-2 Panthéon-Assas, 2010), I have worked in different positions at the criminal law division of the Council of Europe, gaining experience on the drafting and negotiation of international criminal law treaties. From 2012, I have provided legal consultancy to the Council of Europe and the European Commission on cybersecurity, cybercrime and international cooperation. I drafted analytical papers, took part to international conferences, and participated to several field missions in Europe, Maghreb and West Africa. In the meantime, my research interests led me to publish several academic papers on State sovereignty in the cyberspace and the collection of criminal evidence in an international context, and to make presentations in different fora (inc. national symposium of the Société française de droit international, 2013). My PhD research (ongoing) addresses State jurisdiction and the evolution of transnational crime.