Kemal Veli Açar

Cybercrime International Cooperation Manager

I help policymakers and decision-makers develop practical solutions to fight cybercrime

– Status: Manager of the International Cooperation Unit at the Department of Cybercrime of the Turkish National Police, Independent Researcher.

– Member since :  November 2018

– Languages: Turkish, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Ankara, Turkey.

– My clients are: International institutions involved in the fight against cybercrimes one way or another, including but not limited to, the governmental and Inter-governmental agencies such as UN and EU, NGOs and the private sector entities.

– What I do: I bridge the gap between technical and organisational aspects of cybercrime to create actionable policies and develop solutions, particularly for the current problems faced by law enforcement agencies.

– How it helps: From an organisational point of view, online child sexual abuse and other types of cybercrime require the effective cooperation between governmental and Inter-governmental agencies, police and judicial bodies, NGOs and the private sector. While there has been invaluable contributions from each of them, the offenders would stay many more steps ahead from an appropriate legal action, and victimized people would suffer more, in the absence of more productive ways to combine the powers of these stakeholders. To prevent this from happening, I develop theoretical and practical solutions for a better global fight against cybercrimes, online child sexual abuse in particular, mostly by identifying organisational and technical bottlenecks.

– My background: Since 2004, I have been a mid-level manager at the Turkish National Police. For one and half year, in line with the Council of Europe’s Convention of Cybercrime, I was the national contact point for international cybercrime investigations. In addition to the member countries, I was also responsible for all the communication with international NGOs and foreign-based Internet Service Providers. Furthermore, combining with my extensive practical knowledge and ceaseless interest on the prevention and detection of cybercrimes, I have produced research articles and I delivered speeches in national and international gatherings. Currently, I am working as the manager of International Cooperation Unit at the Department of Cybercrime.