Kent Lockyer

– Status: Sales and Business Development Technology Executive and Consultant, currently serving as Regional Vice President of Sales at Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, CA. Focused on helping large enterprises navigate their ‘journey to the cloud’.

– Member since :  January 2018

– Languages: English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in San Francisco, California.

– My clients are: CxOs, CISOs and executives running Large Enterprises in all verticals (technology, healthcare, financial services, utilities and retail) headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and Communication Service Providers requiring solutions and guidance securing cloud, data centers, compute and transport network environments from cybersecurity threats propagated by cybercriminals, hackers and nation/state cyber terrorists.

– What I do: I provide my customers with solutions to the most complex and difficult technology issues of our time, including technology and business transformation dealing with big data, internet and data security and analytics, cloud security and integration as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am passionate about my customers, cybersecurity and about protecting providers and participants in the hyper-connected, global technology landscape.

– How it helps: Today’s data-driven organizations face high security risks and require a comprehensive strategy that not only identifies and protects from cybersecurity attacks and threats but utilizes security data analytics, machine learning, threat management and AI technologies to establish a platform for enforcement of security policies and compliance across the data center, private/hybrid/public cloud and compute/transport networks.

– My background: I have more than 20 years of global technology experience as a sales and business development leader in a variety of domains, including internet security, security data analytics, network automation, private/hybrid/public cloud, mobile networks and software and service portfolios.

Currently, I am the Regional Vice President of Sales for Oracle Corporation, working with the largest enterprises based in the San Francisco Bay Area across all verticals to facilitate their ‘journey to the cloud’. This includes the myriad of security, policy, integration, performance and management issues present in moving critical workloads from the data center to the cloud and back while maintaining the integrity of the data, the confidence of the users and privacy of the customer.

Previously, I served in a senior leadership role at mobile transport network provider Tarana Wireless, where I focused on providing large communication service providers with secure technologies for fiber replacement using non-line of sight, sub 6Ghz mobile transport networks for small cell, campus and residential deployments.

In addition, I spent almost 8 years at two Silicon Valley start-ups focused on secure network automation of DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI). In these executive leadership roles, I was integral in the development and deployment of new security and data analytic solutions. At Infoblox, this included an actionable network intelligence platform that allows organizations to harness insights and data from their core network to enhance all aspects of network security, management, agility and cost control.

Finally, I spent over 9 years at Sun Microsystems helping large communication service providers build secure, reliable and fast mobile networks that today carry a large bulk of the world’s data, media and communications.