Khadidja Goulain

Strategic Adviser in competitive intelligence and cybersecurity

I decipher strategical information to give you an advantage in the conduct of your business and in the development of your markets

– Statuts: Strategic Adviser in competitive intelligence and cybersecurity

– Member since: March 2017

– Languages: French, English

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Neuilly/Seine, France.

– My clients are: International or local companies,

– What I do: strategic counselling, I provide training, audits, advice on: competitive intelligence, operational risk, security, cybersecurity and fraud,

– How it helps: I help my clients to collect, analyse and protect their information. Influences are also implemented if needed..

– My background: I have been a consultant since 2009. My activities include:

Planning and advice, Geo-economy and geostrategic stakes, operational approach

Decision –making support: monograph of company map ( actors, competitors, markets), own diligence, business development.

Strategic intelligence: business and competitive intelligence, strategic analysis, risk management, informative risk, crisis management, cybersecurity, knowledge management

Operation of Influence: E-reputation, negotiation, war of Information, strategy and communication of  influence and lobbying, strategical marketing