Lionel Catto

Data Protection Legal Counsellor

I provide audits and compliance with the GDPR and with other cybersecurity aspects

Status : Legal counsel in data protection

Member since : March 2018

Languages : French, English

Geographic coverage : International. Based in Paris, France.

My clients are : European or French companies.

What I do : Audits and Compliance with the GDPR and with other cybersecurity aspects;  training ; strategic counselling about data privacy.

How it helps : The protection of personal data is nowadays an unavoidable but interdependent subject of cybersecurity. European regulations and national legislation are becoming stricter. In addition, all international companies wishing to trade with European persons or companies in EU soil or with persons on EU territory must comply with the GDPR.

My background : After obtaining an LL.M in Information Technology Law at the University of Montreal, I specialized in personal data and cybersecurity at the University Panthéon-Assas Paris II.

I am currently an intern at a FinTech start-up as a legal counsel dedicated to personal data protection.