Nour-Hedine El Bouhati

Cybersecurity and risk management consultant

I help my clients to collect, analyse and protect their information

– Status: Founder and Managing partner at IPS, management consulting on operational risk, competitive intelligence, IT audit, cybersecurity and fraud

– Member since :  Founding member

– Languages: French, English, Spanish

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– My clients are: Large and medium companies of all sectors (industry and banks), operating in France, Morocco, and internationally.

– What I do: I provide training, IT audits, advice on: competitive intelligence, operational risk, security, cybersecurity and fraud.

– How it helps: I help my clients to collect, analyse and protect their information. Influences are also implemented if needed.

– My background: From 2007 to 2014, I held positions as IT auditor and operational risk manager at Société Générale. I participated in IT audit assignments for the various entities of the bank (FRB, DSFS, BHFM on the following themes: anti-money laundering – computer application « Profil »; BDM – marketing database; Department BddfFinCta; Department BddfDsiPfiMpb; FRB Business Continuity Plan; FRB Security information System; computer application CapEpargne versus MiFID; commercial paper; Nacre Program; Sogécap – insurance subsidiary of people; BDK Finance – German subsidiary financing vehicles; BRD – Romanian branch retail banking; monitoring missions and recommendations. I participated as manager of operational risks to the animation of the industry “operational risk” worldwide. 1986-2006, various missions of advice and support in information system.