Olivier Velin

Consultant in IT Security and Privacy

I help organizations to reach the level of alertness and competencies necessary to face critical situations

Status: Consulting in Crisis Management, Crisis Communications, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Security and Privacy, People and Goods Security

Member since: December 2015

Language: French, English

Geographic coverage: France and International

My clients are: Financial and Industrial sectors, the Luxury, IT Services, Health and Cosmetics, Transportation and Warehousing, Food Processing, NGOs, Public Organizations.

What I do: preparing firms and organizations to face critical situations while establishing a rapid and thorough diagnosis of situation, defining and setting up crisis governance plans, crisis communications plans, business continuity or security plans, realizing for CEOs & Crisis management teams, leadership development trainings in crisis management and complex conflict resolution through crisis simulations.

How it helps: it helps organizations, leaders and individuals to reach the level of alertness and competencies necessary to face critical situations.

My background: Since 2011, I am working as an advisor and partner of Ernst & Young Advisor-EY, in Crisis Management & Business Continuity Plans as well as in Security.

Previously, I founded Pharesight Conseil (2007-2011), an advisory company specialized in diagnosis and implementation of crisis management plans, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans.

From 2000 till 2006, I advised the President and the IBM Crisis Management Team France, designed the EMEA pandemic governance, communications plans and BCP. Certified in IT Security & Privacy, I was also in charge of consulting missions (for example the elaboration of the AXA Insurance Company’s Crisis Management Plan).

As Chief Insurance Management Officer (1991-1997), then as Chief Information Officer (1998-2000) at GMRA (Gestion et Maîtrise des Risques d’Assurance), I had to optimize the insurance processes and to design and implement innovative IT risk management.

At Société Générale (1985-91) I was in charge of the worldwide Crisis Management Plan as well as the elaboration of the Disaster Recovery Plan for the Group and subsidiaries, taking into account the Bank’s internal and external stakeholders.

At Alexander Proudfoot International (1983-85), I advised in energy savings and technical productivity engineering diagnosis and project implementation.

I am also co-author of 3 books in crisis management, security and BCP, and of articles. I taught cybersecurity, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery in France and Russia.