Pawel Sawicki

– Status: attorney-at-law, Senior Counsel at the leading law firm in Poland – Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak (SK&S)

– Member since: March 2018

– Languages: Polish, English

– Geographic coverage: International, based in Warsaw, Poland. Providing services for both Polish and foreign clients.

– My clients are: International and local companies of all sectors, associations.

– What I do: I represent clients in criminal cases before authorities and courts, conduct internal investigations and audits, trainings for professionals and public authorities.

– How it helps: I help my clients in criminal matters related to white-collar crimes, cybersecurity and intellectual property. Effective fight against crime requires perseverance and individual approach.

– My background: I have been a member of White Collar Crime Department in SK&S law firm since 2009. Prior to joining SK&S in 2009, I have gained experience as an in-house lawyer in public limited companies. In my legal practice I have represented clients from various business sectors in criminal matters relating to fraud, money-laundering and copyrights infringement. As an attorney-at-law I have provided tailor-made legal assistance to my clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. I also supply compliance services and offer solutions for organizations faced with managerial and regulatory challenges. In addition, the area of my expertise includes cybercrime and advising clients in matters related to cybersecurity and online frauds. I have gained experience in fighting cybercrime as an anti-piracy counsel for world leading software producers. I am also a Member of Association of the Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).