René Picon-Dupré

Human Resources Expert

I help HR managers to leverage cybersecurity

Status: Independant consultant on Human Resources management.

Member since: April 2016

Language: French

Geographic coverage: France

My clients are: Institutions and companies

What I do: I advise my clients on their HR policy (role of HR manager, diversity, dialog among stakeholders, IT & security), organisation and management, through consultancy and training

How it helps: HR managers play an essential role in career development of IT & security professionals, as well in enabling a good level of cooperation among teams. Cybersecurity can enable sharing of information and teamwork, and this is where I help.

My background: I spent 40 years at Ministry of Defence, with responsabilities in finance, legal and HR. I have been HR Director of large organisations including Délégation Générale pour l’Armement (DGA) within the Ministry of Defence.