Thomas Fontvielle

– Status: General Secretary for the French public/private partnership Signal Spam

– Member since :  September 2015

– Languages: French, English, Japanese (limited)

– Geographic coverage: International. Based in Paris, France.

– What I do: I manage the French public/private partnership Signal Spam, expanding the association with new members and partners, and its services to tackle spam and related cyber-crime threats.

– How it helps: Spam is a vehicle for a lot of threats, ranging from simple e-mail marketing nuisance to botnet infections or theft of financial credentials. We have to face all issues when considering spam mitigation, and therefore gather all players who are sometimes not accustomed to work together, whether they are public authorities, private companies (from e-mail marketing to security professional and internet services providers), or industry representatives. Signal Spam helps all players access the data they need to take relevant actions against specific spam while building bridges between them.

My mission is to understand needs and priorities of players in a complex environment, manage this community, develop best practices and see through the completion of tasks aiming at empowering the association and its members through data sharing and threat intelligence.

– My background: Coming political sciences and literary studies, I began working in cyber-crime mitigation at the Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit. I learnt the importance of collaborative work between public and private entities, and was intrusted with the management of Signal Spam as Project Leader and then General Secretary.