Yoann Duhamel


I help accelerate your missions through investigation by visual analysis

– Status: Founder and CEO at Solutions-ACE, Consulting in safety, security, investigation, analysis and fraud management.

– Member Since: April 2016

– Languages: French

– Geographic Coverage: International. Based in Amiens, North of France

– My Clients are: Governments, international or local companies.

– What I do: Fraud, Safety & Security, Counterfeit, Intelligence, Public Investigation to fight against terrorism, cybercrime,…

– How it helps: You have data and you use it to try to know what is the risk profile of your company. Unfortunately, indicators are often too rigid and it’s impossible to study traceability and weak signals. Well, I help my clients to organize and understand their data in many sectors to build with them the exact health of their company profile. I can offer several types of studies from operational analysis to strategic analysis.

– My background: From 1999 to 2014, i worked in the French Police in very specialized departments such as the intelligence service. I ended my career as a criminal analyst for the Central Office for the Repression of Human Trafficking. During this time, I developed methodologies and techniques concerning investigation by visual analysis for the public sector and now for the private companies.